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We have rated / reviewed 460 books and over 132k pages with an average rating of 4.2. 50 of these books were rated / reviewed in the last 3 months.

I wrote a review for 202 of these books. 43 people have found my written reviews to be helpful on Goodreads.

Prose Culture is in the top 20% of reviewers on BookSirens, based on review volume.

Primary Genre

We read a diverse set of genres and actually Prose Culture is in the top 50% of reviewers, based on reading diversity. However, we primarily reviews Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, and Psychological Fiction.

We are in the top 20% of Psychological Fiction reviewers on BookSirens and rate Psychological Fiction books the highest, on average, with an average rating of 4.4.

Secondary Genres

Within Fiction, we specifically review Mystery, Speculative Fiction, Thriller, Suspense, and Romance.

Age Groups

Our reviews books that have Adult, Young Adult, and New Adult characters.

And also rate Adult books the highest, on average, with an average rating of 4.4.

Time Periods

Prose Culture reviews Contemporary, Historical, Futuristic, and Victorian books.

Prose Culture rates Contemporary books the highest, on average, with an average rating of 4.3.

Topics, Themes, and Characters

Prose Culture’s reviews include other notable characteristics such as the following topics and themes:

  • Psychological (top 20%)
  • Women
  • Educational (top 50%)

And the following character types:

  • Serial Killers
  • Animals
  • Alpha Male

Explore all of our tastes by navigating the tree chart. Click on a node to expand and drag the tree around.

BibliophileVibe vs. Goodreads

We tend to be a lenient reviewer compared to other readers. However, can also be strict because we have given 1 one star rating to date.

According to Prose Culture:

  • Mary B by Katherine J. Chen is highly underrated
  • Will Haunt You by Brian Kirk is highly overrated
  • Darper Danver by Amy Cross is a hidden gem

Our most popular review is for the book, Wildfell by London Clarke.

Prose Culture vs. BookSirens

Prose Culture’s review ratings have a higher average and a smaller spread compared with other book reviewers on BookSirens.

Publishers Read

Prose Culture reviews books from top 5 presses, large presses, small presses, and self publishers. In fact, Prose Culture is in the top 25% of reviewers who review books from small presses, based on review volume.

Prose Culture tends to rate books from large presses the highest, on average, with an average rating of 4.6.

Review Timing

Prose Culture has posted 56 reviews within one week of a book’s release date. This makes Prose Culture a reliable choice for authors who want to create buzz around their book launch.

Prose Culture tends to rate a book highest, on average, when the review is 1 – 4 wks after the book’s publication date.

Author Gender

Also, we have reviewed more books from female authors than male authors.

Book Length Impact

Prose Culture has reviewed books 32 pages to 1k pages long. The book’s page length does not seem to impact our ratings.

Book Popularity Impact

The book’s popularity does not seem to impact ratings.


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